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Huion KD100 Mini Keydial

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The key is efficiency

Forget your keyboard and enjoy high efficiency with the Mini Keydial KD100. The dedicated one-handed keyboard can be fully customized to your workflow and saves your workspace.

Enjoy balanced key pressure

The Mini Keydial KD100 is also designed with a scissor keyboard that gives you a smooth keystroke experience from all directions. A shorter overall key spacing can effectively reduce finger fatigue.

Inspiration goes round and round

The Mini Keydial KD100 is equipped with a rotary knob to increase your efficiency while working. Not only is it compatible with Windows Radial Controller Protocol to enable radial menu and custom app experiences, but it can also be customized to different functions via Huion driver settings.

Customize all keys

You can customize all keys to your liking, and we also offer these keys with standard functions in no-driver mode.

Beautiful rectangle for left- and right-handers

Thanks to its symmetrical rectangular shape, the Mini Keydial has an ergonomic and user-friendly design that is beneficial for both left and right handed users.

On Table, Or Tablet

You can place the Mini Keydial KD100 on your desktop or your monitor while working. The 4 non-slip rubber feet on the back of the KD100 provide excellent stability while you press the keys.

Hold the power

The Mini Keydial KD100 has a wireless function and offers a connection distance of 5-10m, giving you a more flexible work space. The 1200mAh battery provides about 100 hours of continuous operation. You can also connect and charge it via the USB-C port.

Bring it with you everywhere, just like your phone

The Mini Keydial KD100 is the same size as your phone and weighs just 115 grams, so you can easily take it out to work and draw outside.

More customizable, more compatible

You can customize the hot keys of all the keys via the V15 version driver, and also set different hot keys for different software. Moreover, the KD100 not only matches Huion's products, but also can be used with other laptops and drawing tablets to give you more convenience.

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KD100 Mini Keydial

KD100 Mini Keydial