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Huion OPEN BOX: Huion Inspiroy HS611

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Space Grey
Coral Red
Starry Blue

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Let ideas flow from the Battery-free P
Colors create uniqueness.
Unlike other pen tablets, the Huion HS611 is available in three colors: Coral Red, Starry Blue and Space Grey, which not only makes the pen tablet more attractive, but also provides more choices for users seeking individuality.

Coral Red.
As Pantone's Color of the Year 2019, coral red is vibrant yet soft, which will fuel your creativity.

Starry Blue.
As the connection of blue and black, Starry Blue creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Space Grey.
Space Grey weaves mystery with elegance, delivering a sense of professionalism.

Your music master.
The media bar on the HS611 lets you control background music and freely switch between programs without interrupting work flow, helping to create an immersive work environment.

W500 digital pen.
Matching the colorful Huion HS611, the PW500 digital pen is also available in three colors. Besides, the advanced battery-free technology frees PW500 from battery and charge, providing a convenient tool for creation of various kinds.

Fast and smooth line input.
With the reporting speed of >233PPS, which supports fast and smooth line feed, any creative idea can be realized without delay.

Accurate presentation of every stroke.
±60° tilt support and the industry-leading 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity allow every line and stroke to be presented on the screen vividly and delicately, which can enliven your work.

Convenient and space-saving pen loop.
The pen loop on the HS611 is made of durable and elastic polyurethane fabric is specially designed to hold the stylus in a more convenient and flexible way.

Functional design for greater efficiency.
Ease brought by programmable keys. Program the push buttons and touch bar in advance to streamline your work and increase productivity.

Reversible Type-C port allows easy connection.
The HS611 features a reversible Type-C port that makes it easy to connect to other devices even in the dark, allowing users to capture ideas at any time.

Qué hay en la Caja

  • Inspiroy HS611Pen Tablet
  • 1x PW500 Pen
  • 1x PH03 Pen Holder with:
  • 1x PN04S Nibs (8 Points)
  • 1x Point Clip
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Especificaciones Completas

Space grey
Coral Red
Starry Blue
333.4 mm * 218.4 mm x 7.3 mm 258.4 mm X 161.5 mm 550 grams Touch Keys 10 Programmable Press Keys
8 Multimedia Keys
Tecnología de Lápiz
PW500 Battery-free EMR 5080 LPI 8192 pressure sensitivity levels ±60°tilt support 10mm >233PPS ±0.3 mm
Compatibilidad SO
Windows 7 or later MacOS10.12 or later Android 6.0 or later

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OPEN BOX: Huion Inspiroy HS611

OPEN BOX: Huion Inspiroy HS611

Space Grey
Coral Red
Starry Blue