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Huion Inspiroy Dial 2

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All for Stunning Performance

With dual dial controllers, six programmable press keys, and two function-switch buttons, Inspiroy Dial 2 makes quick access to tool menus and the most-used features available, which can greatly facilitate workflow and lead to boundless creativity.

Double Dials, double efficiency

Inspiroy Dial 2 features dual dial controllers and supports the quick-access Windows Radial Menu. You can easily program them to perform various functions, including zooming in or out on the canvas, adjusting the brush size, undoing, scrolling through the pages, adjusting the volume, etc. 

Programmable press keys to boost your productivity

Six programmable press keys enable various shortcuts, streamlining your workflow. The distinct small bumps on the surface help you locate the specific key with ease. In addition, near-silent press keys ensure you are not distracted when drawing.

A new panel, a superior drawing experience

Inspiroy Dial 2 is equipped with a brand-new panel which is specially treated to produce an upgraded paper-like texture. While working with it, you can enjoy the tactile “rough” experience you get when drawing on real paper.

Enjoy more flexibility with Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a range of up to 10 meters and fast transfer speed enables you to capture imagination anywhere and frees you from messy cables. Moreover, the wired connection via a USB-C cable is also supported.

A large battery for all-day creation

Inspiroy Dial 2 can work for up to 18 hours in Bluetooth mode and takes as short as only 2.5 hours to reach a full charge.

PenTech 3.0 promises you a unique writing experience

Based on the upgraded PenTech 3.0, the battery-free digital pen PW517 features a much shorter retraction distance and provides a more accurate and natural writing experience. The pen is equipped with 5 standard pen nibs and 5 felt pen nibs made of fiber, the latter of which can provide a greater level of resistance, thus making you feel like you are drawing with a traditional pen.

Effortlessly capture what you draw with subtle details

Featuring >300PPS report rate and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, Inspiroy Dial 2 can capture every change of your pen movements and reproduce lines and strokes accurately without lagging. With tilt support, this pen tablet helps better apply diversified brushes in drawing applications to achieve variable and expressive strokes.

Symmetrical design offers
greater convenience

Six press keys and dual dial controllers are placed symmetrically up and down on the left side of the panel, which creates a more convenient drawing experience for both left- and right-handed artists. Additionally, the USB-C port that is put in the middle of the left side of the tablet is quite handy when you rotate the tablet to use.

Born to be high-end

With an 8mm thin body, Inspiroy Dial 2 is easy to carry and ideal for outdoor creation. Its sleek lines and round edges indicate a safe and friendly feeling. Together with the metallic silver color on both the front and the back, these elements give the tablet a modern and classy appearance.

Work together, surprisingly better

Compatible with Windows OS, macOS, Linux OS, Android operating system, and Chrome OS (supported only via cable connection), Inspiroy Dial 2 supports various mainstream design and drawing software, including PS, SAI, AI, CDR, etc.

What's in the Box

Inspiroy Dial 2

  • 1x PW517 Pen
  • 1x PH05 Pen Holder with:
  • 1x PN05A (10 spare nibs)
  • 1x Point Clip
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Full Specs

Black 356.6 x 207 x 8mm 266.7 x 166.7 mm (10.5 x 6.56inch) 710g - 2 Dials + 6 programmable keys + 2 function switch buttons -
Pen Technology
PW517 Battery free 5080 LPI ±0.3mm
OS Compatibility

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Inspiroy Dial 2

Inspiroy Dial 2