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Huion Inspiroy RTE-100

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Cosmo Black
Ivory White

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Explore your brilliant ideas with a 6.3mm-thick panel.

Slimmer than a phone, the stylish pen tablet RTE-100 is portable enough for you to carry around wherever you go and ideal for capturing fleeting thoughts instantly at any time.

Rotate freely, create masterpieces with RTE-100.

Drawing on this 4.8x3inch pen tablet is comfortable and convenient as the aspect ratio of the working area is close to the golden ratio and the pen tablet can be rotated 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° easily.

Sketch the details.

A new nib enables you to write naturally and stably with precise control just as you are using a normal pen. Thanks to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, more details of lines can be rendered delicately with this pen. Moreover, there are two buttons on the pen, which can be assigned to different shortcuts according to your habits. The report rate of RTE-100 is over 300PPS which enables high precision and no latency when you write or draw.

Programmable press keys create greater efficiency.

Four programmable press keys are on the top of RTE-100, supporting both left- and right-handed users and making it convenient for you to adjust the size of brush and canvas. Download the driver to unlock more functions.

Flexible and capable, RTE-100 meets more needs.

Apart from PC, RTE-100 can also work together with Android devices, allowing you to draw and write freely wherever you are. You can also use RTE-100 for online learning, OSU gaming, or e-signing.

What's in the Box

  • Inspiroy RTE-100 Pen Tablet
  • 1x PW400 Pen
  • 1x PN04S Nibs (10 Points)
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Full Specs

Cosmo Black
Ivory White
185.7 x
138.2 x
6.3 mm
121.9 x
76.2 mm
150 grams No 4 No Micro USB
Pen Technology
PW400 Battery-free EMR 5080 LPI 8192 Levels No 10mm > 300PPS ±0.3 mm
OS Compatibility
7 or later 10.12 or later 6.0 or later

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Inspiroy RTE-100

Inspiroy RTE-100

Cosmo Black
Ivory White